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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cultu.Ru project launched in Russia
The best performances of Russian theater will now be able to be viewed on the Internet. As planned, each recording of a theatrical performance broadcast on land and satellite channels will be broadcast on the Internet.
The project is a continuation of the "Theatrical Web" festival successfully held in fall 2004. Seven theaters took part in the festival, including the Masters of Peter Fomenko, the Ten theater, the Theater of Music and Poetry led by Elena Kamburova and the Helikon Opera. Back then the theatrical productions could be seen by nearly 2,000 people in 52 countries of the world.
The primary mission of the new project is to provide all interested viewers the possibility to use the current technology of the Internet to familiarize themselves with the history of the domestic Russian arts. Cultu.Ru! was planned as an informational channel for all domestic cultural life, but it opens with broadcasts and coverage of theatrical events. The first performance will be in March. This will be "Meshchane," a performance by Georgiy Tovstonogov in St. Petersburg's Large Theater of Drama.
The "Golden Fund" series by domestic producers of the second half of the 20th century continues with performances of Oleg Efremov, Anatoliy Efros, Mark Zakharov and Peter Fomenko. The shows will deal with children's theater on the project's web site, ITAR-TASS reported. Some of the performances will have English sub-texts. Kultu.Ru! is supported by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography and the RF Theatrical Actors Union. (See
DvinaInform.Ru, 24.2.05
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Goblin will be in Orenburg.
This week Orenburg's charitable "Evraziya" foundation and the Orenburg section of the Translators Union of Russia will have an unusual meeting. The name of the person, who goes by the pseudonym of Goblin, is known only to a close circle of the initiated. Practically no one knows him in person. At the same time, the mark "V perevode Goblina" ("In translation of Goblin") on the cassettes or disks of American movies is a brand known to all foreign movie fans.
Dmitriy Luchkov - and that is the name of the translator who makes the sound tracks for American movies under the pseudonym of Goblin - will be in Orenburg all day Friday, February 25. According to the invitations from the "Kosmos" movie theater, he made the sound track "live" to the movie premiering there that day. The Russian audience is familiar with the "in one voice" translations of Goblin in "Thirteenth warrior," "Matrix," and a number of other pictures.
The "Evraziya" foundation managed to arrange one public meeting for the cult figure of the Russian movie industry. Students and teachers who study the English language and translation, members of the Translators Union of Russia and journalists have been invited to the encounter with the translator, which is taking place at 3 p.m. on February 25 in the big reading room at the Krupskaya regional library. There they will be able to get first-hand information about Goblin's "correct" and "funny" translation, about why there is constant criticism for his use of a non-standard vocabulary, and about what prompted him to create the sensational "Antiboomer" and the parody of "Lord of the Rings." The "Orenburg Avialinin" state aircraft company supported the "Evraziya" foundation and the Orenburg section of the Translators Union of Russia in this non-commercial project.
Oren.Ru, 22.2.05
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40 years ago Malcolm X, the leader of the "Nation of Islam," was killed.
On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X, the leader of the "Nation of Islam," an influential organization of Afro-Americans, was killed in Harlem. He was 39 years old at the time.
In 1946, Malcolm Little, (his family name) found himself in prison - he had been sentenced to six years for robbery. After being released he assumed a different name and began propagating his ideology.
In 1952 the ranks of the "Nation of Islam" contained a total of 500 members. After 11 years, the small sect had turned into a religious and political organization of 30,000. Malcolm X called upon blacks to trust each other and asserted that the community could exist of and through itself. This view quickly gained popularity among Afro-Americans, as well as among the leaders of African states.
He quit the "Nation of Islam" in 1964. Having made a pilgrimage to Mecca, Malcolm X changed his views of the racial problem. Upon returning to the USA, X began to change the tone of his lectures, so that they found resonance among Americans against blacks. Presumably, it was Malcolm X's change of position that led to his death.
40 years later the Malcolm X and Doctor Betty Shabaz educational and memorial center, dedicated to the legacy of the founder of the Nation of Islam, opened in New York.
Nrs.Com, 21.2.05
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"Agatha Christie" celebrates birthday on StarChat.Ru.
On February 17, the Starchat.ru project and the Cafemax Internet centers network will play host to the legendary Russian group, "Agatha Christie."
The Internet conference will be devoted to the group's birthday (17 years old), which by tradition "Agatha Christie" will celebrate in the the capital city SDK MAI on 20 February 2005.
The group has performed in Sverdlovsk for the 17 years it has been in operation. During this period it attained cult status, and several generations of fans have grown up on its songs.
Nestor.Minsk.By, 14.2.05, Elena Yachmennikova
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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Arkhangel Region’s Kenizero Park added to UNESCO list.
Kenozero National Park, which is located in Arkhangel Region, is being granted a certificate for inclusion on UNESCO's World Foundation of biospheric reserves list. The world organization will send the corresponding document to park director Elena Shatkovskaya, reported the Arkhangel region's administration. According to Shatkovskaya, this award to Kenozero Park was conferred in the realm of its work in the "People & Biosphere" program, the goal of which is preservation of diversity in the natural world and the harmonious relationship between people and nature. Presently the world network of biospheric reserves encompasses over 420 protected sites in 94 countries. Its goal is the conservation of a variety of plant life, animals and microorganisms. With regard to the Sevilskiy strategy, which was accepted in 1995, biospheric land needs to fulfill the conservation function, the function of diversity and the function of scientific-technical protection. In Russia, 31 sites are included in the network of biospheric reserves with the Kenozero National Park - 3 national parks and 28 preserves. The Kenozero National Park was formed on December 28, 1991. On a small site within the confines of the park are more than 100 unique architectural monuments of world significance. Among them are 64 cult buildings of the traditional ancient architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries, architectural ensembles, churches and chapels. Their artistic value is increased by the well-preserved paintings in the interiors: icons, church implements, along with a painting of 'heaven," a monumental mural of a biblical theme in the dome of the church. Kenozero is of tectonic origin, the lake has an area of 100 sq. km., a depth of 90 meters, but the length of the shore line is 350 km.
source: IA "Interfax"
Rsia.Ru, 17.2.05
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Release of the global on-line role game "The Matrix" begins March 22 in the States.
The Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment company officially announced the exact date of the release of "The Matrix Online" game, which had been postponed from the middle of January to spring. According to the new report, the first mass multi-user test of Monolith Productions will occur March 22 - that is the day for release in the USA. Users from Europe can connect to "Matrix" in April. That and other amusements are found in the world famous movie trilogy by the Vachovsky brothers for those who see fit to pay the 15 bucks a month traditional for the genre, not counting the 50 bucks for the game box.
Dtf.Ru, 14.2.05
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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Poets of Russian Rock festival held in St. Petersburg.
A music festival is being held February 18 in the Yubileyniy center in St. Petersburg, with the groups "DDT," "Kalinov Bridge," "Civil Defense," and "Kukryniksy." The occasion is the release of the 10-volume anthology "Poets of Russian Rock." The idea of making this sort of "anthology of works" was hatched long ago by a group of Petersburg producers in active support of the rock poets themselves. The latter readily provided their lyrics and copyrights. One of the initiators of the project was Yuriy Shevchuk. Now the publication of the anthology is led by Anton Soya along with his partner in many projects, Igor Gudkov, reported "MK in Petersburg."
The anthology of domestic rock poetry in ten volumes is the first large-scale attempt to publish the texts of all the significant authors of Russian rock. Each of them is accompanied by a short biography of the rock heroes. The publication permits review of the evolution of domestic rock texts and will undoubtedly be of interest to admirers of rock music as well as to fans of contemporary poetry. Different schools of contemporary rock poetry will be represented at the festival.
In 2005 the cult Russian rock group "DDT" celebrates a quarter century of existence.
NewsRu.Com, 07.2.05
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"Psikheya" performs in Moscow with "LTIP" on February 5 in the capital's "Tochka" club. This well-known group from St. Petersburg plays highly energetic cyber-punk and is generally considered one of the most powerful concert groups in Russia. Two years ago, the group was privileged to perform as a warm-up act for "Soulfly" in the Gorbunov cultural center. "Psikheya" is now busy releasing its own concert DVD.
The Vyborg cult punk group "Last Tango in Paris" will be supporting the group from St. Petersburg in the "Tochka" club. It has seldom been seen in Moscow, but its last concert there was in November, for the release of its new album "2084."
KM.Ru, 06.2.05
archive url: http://cultology.blogspot.com/2005/02/#110829512640401128

Jewish architecture exhibit opens in Berlin.
Jewish national self-realization is reflected in the mirror of an architecture exhibit that opens in the Berlin Jewish Museum. On display will be models, sketches and photographs of 17 forms of modern Jewish architecture throughout the world. Those attending the exhibit can also view photographs of tradition cult and educational structures of Jewish architects. The Jewish museum itself was built as a project of the famous architect, Daniel Liebeskind.
Jewish.Ru, 06.2.05
archive url: http://cultology.blogspot.com/2005/02/#110829509425109661

Scottish cult punk rockers perform in Krasnodar.
The exact date the Scottish punk group "The Exploited" was to appear in Krasnodar was well known. The legendary punkers were to perform in the Kubansky capital after Moscow and Saint Petersburg, February 21. The first time these Scots played in Russia was in a punk festival in both capitals back in 1998; then in 2001 they paid a second visit. In 2005 "The Exploited" are on tour to celebrate 25 years of existence in 2005. In connection the occasion, the group produced "Twenty Five Years of Anarchy Chaos" (their last studio release "Fuck The System" came out in 2003). The exact location "The Exploited" will be playing in Krasnodar is not yet available, but tickets are already going for from 400 to 600 rubles. The organizers have given notice that the security at the concert will be abundant to ward of gate-crashers. Security will also be strict in that concert-goers may be escorted out and have their money refunded for no reason.
Source: "Muz-zone Yuga"
Yuga.Ru, 05.2.05
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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Novgorod musicians note 40th anniversary of "Satisfaction."
Local rock musicians arranged to hold a concert in the Novgorod Youth Center to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the song "Satisfaction" by the cult group The Rolling Stones.
A half hour before the concert began, journalists plied the leader of the group with questions while the rest of the musicians tuned their instruments and mentally prepared themselves for the upcoming concert.
The musical amateur stage of the Youth Center often arranges this sort of gathering. The 40th anniversary of "Satisfaction was just the formal reason to get together and listen to good old rock and roll. Shambala, Universam and Okhrana Sloya are three groups that play this sort of music - the familiar rhythm and blues tunes, but with a modern beat.
The musicians compare notes, and the audience gets nostalgic listening to rock music, but of course they dance, too. Simply put, each of the party-goers who came to the concert absolutely got satisfaction, complete moral satisfaction, and that is exactly what the organizers strove for.
Yuriy Levikov
Novgorod.Rfn.Ru, 30.1.05

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1 February National Day of Freedom in the USA.
February (Lat. Februarius) is the second month of the year, and lasts 28 or 29 days. It is named after an ancient Greek god of the subterranean kingdom of Februus or Febra. According to other versions, the name comes from an ancient Greek cult purification ritual, from an ancient Roman repentance ritual (Lat. februarius: cleaning). In those times, February was the last month of the year, so people would try to cleanse themselves of the bad they had accumulated over the year.
This month is called different names in various countries. In France it's "febris," in Italy "febrano," in Spain "ferera," in Lithuania "vasaris," etc. In the modern Muslim calendar the second month of the year bears the name "safoar" (yellow).
February - "the great expiatory sacrifice of the year" - originally consisted of 28 days. It was the only one of the months that had an even number of days because, according to ancient beliefs, only an odd number brought good luck. ...
1 February is the day for a wide variety of national holidays. In Algeria it's the Day of Evacuation (this day 1968 was when the last foreign soldiers were evacuated from Algerian soil); in Malaysia its the Day of Federal Territory; in Nicaragua the Day of Aviation; in Senegal, the Day of Confederation; in the USA, the National Day of Freedom. It was February 1, 1865 when US President Lincoln signed the Congressional resolution on the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA about the abolition of slavery. The resolution went into effect 18 December 1865.
In world history the day marks the abolition of slavery in the USA (1865), the opening in the USA of the first movie theater (1893) and the cessation of the "Cold War" (1992). ...
For-Ua.Com, 01.2.05
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